Facebook and Instagram Ads Ultimate Guide for Ecommerce - Beginner

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Everything you need to feel absolutely confident about finally running Facebook and Instagram ads PROFITABLY!

157 slides and 7 chapters of content that was structured to help you get rid of the guesswork and start using techniques and secrets that are being used by top growing online stores in the US! (that started from absolutely 0 sales).

You will instantly get access to a digital platform where you'll be able to learn how to benefit from these techniques and secrets from wherever you are and at your own pace!

In this Ultimate Guide, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why do you need to start using FB and Instagram Ads right now?
  • Fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram Ads (CPM, CTR, CPA, etc)
  • Creating your First Like Campaign
  • Proven Ad Funnels: What are they and how to use them?
  • Audience and Awareness Levels
  • Facebook Campaign Blueprint: Getting your first 50 to 100 leads or sales with Facebook Ads
  • Video Ads and Retargeting 

You are poised for success, and you will achieve it no matter what your current situation or background is. The Facebook and Instagram Ads Ultimate Guide for Ecommerce - Beginner is your perfect ally if you want to start using paid social media like the pros to start or grow your online business.

This guide will give you the structured knowledge you need to apply expert marketing techniques to your Facebook Ad campaigns and get returns on your investment. All the infinite information and techniques for Facebook Ads out there, and media advertising in general, is filtered, summarized and structured for you in this guide so that you can start generating sales without risking too much or spending hundreds of hours reading contradictory facts from different people.

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