How To Run Facebook Ads For Ecommerce - Beginner

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What you'll learn
✅ Get specific winning strategies for Ecommerce.
✅ Learn how to target the right audiences for your product.
✅ Learn what metrics to look at to make the correct decisions.
✅ Know how to structure and name your campaigns and set them up for success.
✅ Get the secrets our students are using to bring sales to their stores day after day.
✅ Learn how to create your own winning strategies. Algorithm-proof.
✅ Get the exact parameters you should track to measure your campaign’s performance.
✅ Apply your knowledge to get your first 50-100 sales, even if you are a complete beginner.

    Everyone knows Facebook Ads work … but they don’t work for you?

    How did online boutiques like FashionNova, PuraNova, or ColourPop became what they are now? Note: Their online stores started from 0 sales …

    The answer? Paid ads! They leveraged the BEST algorithm in the world to show their ads to the right people … the same algorithm that is available to you right now!

    And it’s a no-brainer! For every $100 invested, you could get $200, $300, or sometimes $1000 in return! How is your brand not going to GROW with that kind of return?

    So … why do Facebook Ads work for some people, and it hasn’t worked for you yet?

    Not because your audiences are wrong.
    Not because your budget is not high enough.
    Not because you are just starting out.

    It’s because you are lacking the right STRATEGY.

    See … to be profitable with Facebook Ads you need

    ✅A good-quality product
    ✅A good offer
    ✅A good creative (image, video, others)
    ✅The right audience

    But more than anything, you need an easy-to-follow framework to create those last 3 elements (offer, creative, audience), and the knowledge to come up with the right STRATEGY that will make those elements get the ball rolling for your passion to become your main source of income.

    And that … that is exactly what you’ll get with the “How To Run Facebook Ads For Ecommerce - Beginner” Ebook:

    ✅Winning strategies used by successful online boutiques so you can use them as templates
    ✅Knowledge to create your own winning strategies, and knowledge that, if applied correctly, can completely transform your life.
    ✅Skills to grow any kind of ecommerce business you set yourself to start on your own or with partners. Even if you have not heard about this stuff before … at all.

    And as a side effect, you will:

    ✅Get more time to focus on improving your business’ operations, products, and customer service
    ✅Join a handful of people in the world who have these really sought-after skills
    ✅High-demand skills that will qualify you for HIGH-PAYING digital jobs (full-time or contract)

    In a few weeks you could have winning ads constantly bringing sales to your online store.

    So, you can go spend $24.99 on a new blouse at Walmart … or you could invest them in knowledge for yourself and your business that will probably pay MUCH MORE than 100X its price (AND be covered by our 90-day satisfaction-guarantee policy).

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